Because we operate from primarily an adaptive leadership framework, we offer highly customized and experiential leadership training that takes into account first and foremost what you want to accomplish. Examples from previous clients include things like:

  • offering a leadership framework allowing for a common and shared language
  • leading change
  • collaboration
  • identifying and working across interests
  • having difficult conversations
  • managing and working through conflict
  • facing the intersection of leadership and risk
  • basic and advanced communication skills, from tuning into non-verbal cues, listening, and asking powerful questions, all the way to understanding the impact of bias on how we communicate
  • understanding the difference between leadership and management
  • coaching skills
  • effective team building
  • motivating and engaging others

Training is only as good as the implementation of new ideas and skills.

In partnership with training, other strategies are helpful in making new ideas and skills “stick”. These strategies include things like individual coaching, peer coaching circles or action learning teams that encourage new skill practice, development, learning and accountability.

In addition to customized training, we are a certified TotalSDI facilitator. The SDI, or Strengths Deployment Inventory, is an assessment tool to help people understand their own and others’ motivations, which is important in helping individuals and teams work more effectively together. When people can learn to separate someone’s intent from the impact of their behavior, we learn to appreciate that others have different motivations than we do, and it helps us lead with curiosity rather than assumptions. This assessment addresses motivations under two conditions: when things are going well, and when there is conflict. This allows for an engaging way to discuss conflict, what leads to conflict and how to work through it before it escalates out of control.


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