As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation, Teresa believes deeply that coaching, in its many forms, is the key to changing behaviors and creating lasting change and impact.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING is a one-on-one relationship that supports and challenges individuals to stretch and grow their leadership capacity. With the support of a coach, the client engages in meaningful goal setting, honest and truthful exploration about opportunities and about what gets in the way of reaching  goals, practicing new skills and behaviors, and accountability for trying something different. Individual goal setting may be done as a result of participation in training, feedback from an interview-based 360 degree assessment and/or conversations with colleagues and/or a supervisor or manager.

TEAM COACHING is a one-to-many relationship that supports and challenges a team (a group of people with a collective goal) to reach its maximum capacity. The coach holds the team’s goal(s) and stretches the team to engage in work that makes them more effective in working together to meet the goal(s).

GROUP COACHING is a one-to-many relationship that supports and challenges individual growth and development in a group setting. There may be a common goal, but the individuals are working individually rather than collectively to achieve their goal.

PEER COACHING starts with individuals learning coaching skills and then encourages people to engage in coaching each other. Peer coaching strategies can be structured in a number of ways, including a highly structured process called Peer Coaching Circles but also other structures stretching from very formal, highly structured to more informal network approaches.


Arnavon Strategies is also linked to a network of highly trained and experienced coaches through Ad Astra Coach Alliance, so our capacity to deliver coaching and coaching skills training is extensive.

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